My Name Is Grommit

My name is Grommit and I wreck worlds. Over the course of three billion years, I have destroyed 2,013 planets which include ice moons hiding life in deep, tumbling oceans, green globes flush with vibrant possibility, and even red planets where organisms live only by the magnificent force of their own will. These red survivors

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Circus Ex Circus – 48 Hour Film Project

Circus Ex Circus premiered last weekend at the Sandridge Auditorium to a strong reception. It was SGI Productions’ second year to compete in the international contest with 2013′s entry, Latte Art, taking home two awards in the Oklahoma City leg. Award nominations will be announced soon and the awards show will be 6:30 pm, September

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In Stores Now: Literati Presents

Our region is flush with amazing writers and artists, enough talent to redefine the literary culture of the


Robin Williams and the Sine Wave of Suicidal Ideation

The first date I went on- my first legit “pick you up at seven, I have my mom’s car for the night” date- was with Kalli Fullbright. I took her to see Aladdin. It was magical. Mostly because I sat by a pretty girl and got to kiss her. But also because suddenly there was

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Bleeding Out – The Courage of Confessional Comics

Storytelling that cuts to the quick always impresses me. It can be magical to watch someone bleed themselves

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The End Of The Town Where All Things Are Possible

In The Town Where All Things Are Possible, tree branches rustled lazily with the breeze, casting shadows across a cobblestone pathway that wound through the town’s park and ended at the iron door. Alexandria pulled The Man’s arm back over her shoulder and they stepped out into the sunlight. She scanned the trees, then saw the ice rink in the distance.

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Live On The Plaza and 48 Hour Film Project

We will be posted up outside Dig It tonight at 1739 NW 16th in OKC from 6-9 pm

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In The Town Where All Things Are Possible: Part 25

Underneath The Town Where All Things Are Possible, Alexandria’s scream locked up inside her throat. As they fell, the Man clung to her as she clung to the box, water glittering all around them.

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Attention Writers: Literati Needs You!

Literati Press Comics & Novels is in the midst of our strongest year of growth, largely due to aggressive rebranding of our site as a platform for web comics, flash fiction, and thoughtful arts and entertainment coverage.

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In The Town Where All Things Are Possible: Part 24

 Underneath The Town Where All Things Are Possible, Alexandria plunged into the darkness of the underground sewage system. Behind her, she heard the Man Who Held The Town Together banging the heavy door of the vault of wishes, trying to push the door free of the cart wedged against it. She also heard the elevator groan awake. She assumed it was going to retrieve the killer.

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You Might Go To A Funeral

It is in the morning time that your mind will wander and turn around and sink into supposition and long, dragging run-on sentences. It is usually in the morning that you will think of the particulars. You think of the way you can remember the past, because it happened, but you can imagine the future,

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