Feel Free To Redraw This-This Is My Mire

Think you can do better? Have at it and email it to charles@literatipressok.com or post it on Instagram

Feel Free To Redraw This-Lonely

Think you can do better? Have at it and email it to charles@literatipressok.com or post it on Instagram

Norman Alt Rockers Take It Slow On Promising Debut – Costello Review

Costello w/ Em & The MotherSuperiors and Trap Queen Album Release Show 10pm Saturday, November 28 Blue Note

HEATHEN 4 Debuting at Deluxe Winter Market!!!

The final chapter of season one of Heathen has arrived and will be rampaging through the Deluxe Winter

Annoy Republican Motorists And Show State Pride!

Do you: A. Enjoy history, and/or B. Enjoy trolling your conservative parents, and/or C. Think it’s just fine that Bernie Sanders called himself a democratic socialist? Then reserve your very own 46 Star License Plate! This new design was modeled after the state’s first flag, which was changed in 1925 after anything red became associated with communism

Deviants Alternate Cover

Halo Seraphim’s beautiful alternate cover for the sex comedy Deviants is finally reaching print! We’ll be debuting these

Let’s Make Comics @ Martin Nature Park and Amazing OKC Comic Con

Let’s Make Comics will be making an appearance this Saturday from 1-4 pm at Martin Nature Park for

OKC Rapper Taps Into The City’s Dream Team – L.T.Z. Review

L.T.Z. w/ Bowlsey & Los Caminos 10pm Friday, November 20 Blue Note 2408 N Robinson Ave elteazee.bandcamp.com $5

In Defense of Masculine Storytelling: Why Daniel Craig Was The Wrong James Bond In Spectre

I’ve always loved Bond movies, the purity of them. They are unabashed about their masculinity, which is why

Quilts: Icons Of Our Matriarchs-Full Interview

Full Interview From Quilts: Icons of our Matriarchs. What is the earliest memory you have of your mother

Quilts: Icons Of Our Matriarchs

Quilts: Icons Of Our Matriarchs Oklahoma City Museum Of Art Hanging through February 7 405 Couch Drive okcmoa.com I’ve never wanted to touch artwork more than when I walked through the media preview of “Quilts and Color from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.” No photo will ever do a quilt justice. The plush and

Ronda Rousey is Not Your Feminist Hero

Ronda Rousey, the undefeated UFC champion, looks like a super-hero confined to the boundaries of real life. Breathtaking to watch in a match—she’s strong, impossibly fast, and ends most of her fights in under a minute. Her interviews are peppered with empowering quotes about strength and body-positivity. Rousey, who fights Holly Holm this Saturday night

Literati Presents: Season 1

The first five issues of Literati Presents in one collection! Twice a year, we give some of our

The Ghost of OU’s First Mascot: Mex the Dog.

From Campus Ghosts of Norman http://www.amazon.com/Campus-Ghosts-Oklahoma-Haunted-America/dp/162619212X/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=1J5XRYWD06PZSNY9SP22 In 1914, a young Oklahoman named Mott Keys from Hollis joined the