the little red tent – Sneak Preview #2

I asked Harold Neal to produce some paintings to go along with an excellent horror short story written by Mer Whinery for

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How About A Little Facetime?

Well, aren’t we the social butterflies? Check out our bursting calendar and come see us at our appearances

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Limited Edition Prints From Dorshak Bloch!

Now available is a special package deal for Dorshak Bloch’s The Story of Ivan A. Alexander. Limited edition 8.5


Feminism in a Strip Club

Everyone in the strip club that night looked like they needed a better option. It was dark, with sharp angles and corners that threw shadows on my friends’ faces, making us strangers to one another. The couple at the table next to ours looked only half alive. Everywhere I looked I saw lonely, depressed men

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the little red tent – sneak preview

I asked Harold Neal to produce some paintings to go along with an excellent horror short story written by Mer Whinery for Literati Presents #4 (due out in October). In response, Harold produced haunting and lush images that perfectly captured the tone of chilling story about a killer descending on a campground. In LP#4, you will see

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Dorshak Bloch in the Paseo

Tonight’s First Friday in the Paseo Arts District marks the grand opening of Dorshak Bloch, the eponymous studio


In The Living Room Of A Patron Saint

Listen to this great unifying theory of art that I stole from my friend Ed: Quality is a

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Fifty Shades of Grey > Nymphomaniac: Some Stories Shouldn’t Be Told By Men

I believe Lars von Trier’s intentions were good when tackling the difficult and ambitious Nymphomaniac project. Now available on Netflix, the two-part story of a sex addict (Joe, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stacy Martin) recounting her life to an inexperienced older man (Seligman, played by Stellan Skarsgård) is the kind of art house cinema that I both love and loathe. It attempts to rattle viewers, challenging what they know about film, storytelling, and basic aspects of humanity.

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Leia vs. Gamora: Feminism in the Toy Aisle

Sitting on a twilight porch with friends the other night, I listened to a nine-year-old boy ask his mother why domestic abuse crimes were mainly committed by men against women. She tried, haltingly and with great care, to explain. I listened and thought about how much I dreaded ever trying to answer this question for

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Free eBook: In The Town Where All Things Are Possible

We have just collected the serialized story into one eBook on sale now in the Kindle library, via

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(Problems viewing? Watch it on YouTube.) David Doub, writer of the vampire comic Dusk, approached us with the idea of doing a short film based on his long running series. The dark tale about a woman escaping a brutal cycle of domestic abuse by falling in with a vampire hunter has been a staple of the convention

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