Jesus the Executioner, or How to Create a Home for Your Own Personal Jesus

The world is composed of words, and the words possess a multiplicity of meanings, leading to a multiplicity

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When is a Muslim not a Muslim, or Atheists Can be Dicks, Too.

For those who prefer a particular narrative about what constitutes Islam, any reasonable words about the attack on Charlie Hebdo will be met with adamantine cynicism. For them, Islam is and has been a religion of violence. In spite of the widespread condemnation of the attack from Muslim leaders around the world, including the imam

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The Bible Is True Cause It Says So, or Sacred Texts For A Secular World

Kurt Eichenwald, Pulitzer Prize nominee and Vanity Fair writer, created a bit of a shitstorm in fundamentalist and

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Ten Ways I Will Try To Save The World In 2015

1. Though I view my cautiousness as a mark of maturity, there comes a time to leap if

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Literati Library Push

I firmly believe that libraries are among the most critical public institutions because funding a library is a

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Girls Read Comics

I’ve always known about comic books. I was aware of their heroes and villains, the alternate worlds they inhabited with problems similar to our own. The crime. The corruption. The objectification of women. In high school, I watched the guys pass comics back and forth, talk in code about the stories, or huddle over their

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Who Would Jesus Shoot, or How to Kill Christianly

Pastor Tom Vineyard killed a 14-year-old intruder in his home in Oklahoma City on December 22. Vineyard is

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