Studio Ghibli vs. Disney

Studio Ghibli is often compared to The Walt Disney Company because Disney is the only other animation studio that has such clout and can wield such influence in the animation world. But both studios are more different than they were ever alike. One could argue that, unlike Walt Disney, Studio Ghibli’s head, Hayao Miyazaki, continues to shape his creation versus the corporate machine that Disney has become, but Walt and Hayao were always two very different people.

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two fighting rabbits by Bombs Away Art

A brand new shirt based on an upcoming graphic novella by Dorshak Bloch. Only $22 as part of


Whoever is running @OfficialTaser deserves a raise.

Like most Americans, a large portion of my tweets are inspired by dumb things I say that I am certain are funny, but my friends and family fail to properly acknowledge these nuggets of comedy gold as anything less than brilliant. So, I send my hilarity into the Interwebs in hopes that the online hordes will

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It’s Perfectly Natural: Masturbation and Sex Education in Schools

Sometimes you don’t realize how liberal you are until someone slaps you in the face with it. I got a good handful not long ago when I announced to a fellow parent that I taught my eight-year-old daughter about masturbation. As I recounted telling my daughter that exploring her vagina is normal, a small crowd

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White Like Radiohead or Jesus, or How to Disappear in Plain Sight

That there That’s not me I go where I please I walk through walls… The lyrics are from

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Tony Trammell and Godzilla at Planet Dorshak Tonight

6-9 pm Friday, December 5 Planet Dorshak 3003A Paseo in Oklahoma City Planet Dorshak is proud to welcome

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Talk to the Hand: The War on Female Sexuality

This bleach-blonde woman’s head is going to explode.  I’m positive.  Every time she screams her O face at

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Deluxe Scavenger Hunt – Kinda

Want to fill out your holiday shopping list while looking damn cool in the process? Deluxe Winter Market is the place for you and it is going on today and tomorrow at Leadership Square in Oklahoma City. We have a bit of an informal scavenger hunt involving: 1. Bombs Away Art (buy anything) 2. Base

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