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Next time you’re driving through southeastern Oklahoma, be mindful of what road you’re taking, the places you pass and the folks you see or talk with. Especially when passing through Little Dixie.

Little Dixie…what…never heard of it?

Doesn’t matter. Just keep on driving. Soon as you start noticing the Taco Bells and suburbs changing into trailer parks and decaying antebellum mansions, the cemeteries and pawnshops outnumbering the schoolhouses and public parks, you’ll know just where the hell you are. Little Dixie, where everyone has a story to tell, a Moonpie to share, and something ugly hanging from the family tree.

Dead hookers that won’t stay dead…the frozen memories of a haunted moviehouse that refuses to let the past die…a foolhardy young boy seeking a fabled treasure within the dark recesses of an abandoned mine…desperate men doing desperate things to pull themselves out of desperation…a damaged girl seeking comfort in the arms of the dead…the ghoulish revenge of children forced into the insanity of violence…a satanic farm where murder is the bumper crop…

This is The Little Dixie Horror Show.

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