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Charles Martin & Will Weinke

“Every great book begins with a bad idea,” Will Weinke told Charles Martin back in 2007 and a partnership was formed that led to a string of brazenly original and ambitious, character-driven novels.

Known for their relentless pursuit of the next bad idea, Martin & Weinke continue to build on their growing readership with the ongoing Word of the Day Experiment, a serialized superhero novel, and numerous upcoming projects including a comic book series and a few feature length films.

  • fromtherose

    The Rose Of Freedom, A Flower: Script of Episode 1 #FYC

    *Editor’s Note: Serious investment inquiries into Mr. Jonathan Hubbell’s vision for this television series can be sent through Literati Press Comics & Novels addressed as “Let’s Make So Much Art Money!” from THE ROSE OF FREEDOM, A FLOWER grows Episode 1:  a daughter’s gift   It was a day...

  • image

    On Turning Forty

    I celebrated my fortieth birthday without actually celebrating. I appreciated the somber aura of this new decade, but didn’t feel a need to dress the day up as an occasion worthy of much more than the annual bombardment of my social media accounts by well-wishers. Parties are for manic energy and day-glow...

  • DP_COVER_small

    Dinosaur Project at New World Comicon

    We are debuting Natasaha Alterici’s Dinosaur Project this Saturday at  New World Comicon from 10am-7pm at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. The charming collection of progressive-minded, all ages dino tales will also be on sale at The Paseo Plunge at 3010 Paseo in Oklahoma City. We will start disseminating to...

  • DP_COVER_small

    Heathen’s Natasha Alterici Releases All Ages Dinosaur Project

    Natasha Alterici specializes in targeting true human emotion and pulling it out of tight, energetic stories that are grounded in genre tropes, but transcends through her nuanced understanding of how the heart, the mind, and society works. In short, she is as fun, challenging, and rewarding as any other...

  • durant9

    Breaking Up With Kevin Durant Is No Different Than Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

    Keep it classy, people. Yes, Kevin Durant exiting OKC is a tough blow for even the most pedestrian Thunder fan, but getting catty only does three things: Destroys a pretty important friendship, Shows that they had the leverage in the relationship all along, Makes future prospects a little wary of...


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