Charles Martin & Will Weinke

“Every great book begins with a bad idea,” Will Weinke told Charles Martin back in 2007 and a partnership was formed that led to a string of brazenly original and ambitious, character-driven novels.

Known for their relentless pursuit of the next bad idea, Martin & Weinke continue to build on their growing readership with the ongoing Word of the Day Experiment, a serialized superhero novel, and numerous upcoming projects including a comic book series and a few feature length films.

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10 thoughts on “Charles Martin & Will Weinke

  1. Will Weinke says:

    When we are on long road trips, Charles begins to smell like dog breath.

  2. Will Weinke says:

    When we are on long road trips, Charles begins to smell like dog breath.

  3. Oh, ha, ha. You jerk.

  4. Matt says:

    Pssh. That's just normal breath fer him…

  5. MASteele says:

    Great new site, guys! You making Wizard World Austin? Us Clowns are going to give it a go.

  6. Thanks man. No Wizard World for us, though. We are done traveling for 2011…I think. I always say that and something comes up. We have a handful of releases in early 2012, so we are socking away money to prepare for the printing costs. I hope you guys have fun and hopefully we'll see you soon. Did you ever print anything up?

  7. Brendan says:

    Everyone knows Charles Martin is a goddamn hack who has been riding Weinke's brilliance from the start. If he didn't have incriminating photos documenting Weinke's bizarre and dangerous sexual appetites in harrowing detail, Martin wouldn't have a pot to piss in. I don't know why Weinke lets him hang around.

  8. Um…okay, that's fair.

  9. Rick Cook says:

    "rock start turned apocalyptic cult leader"

    Hope you find the problem there. =P

  10. Bill says:

    After reading the Dominant Hand, a trip to Norman on #9 is sort of like Deliverance. I keep glancing at the
    woods for a sighting of maimed refugees (ok, without guns).

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